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Welcome to Chop n Quench Restaurant®

Abuja - Now open - Delivery only

A Love Story

A story of how love quenched hunger

  • We sampled restaurant food for months
  • Hmmm, why was Abuja food so… poor?
  • So we lovingly crafted our dishes
  • Hoping, praying we could do better

And then Abuja people finally tasted our food and simply fell in love. There's no better way we can say it. These are their stories.

That's the best shawarma I have ever tasted. In fact, I have not slept well since I tasted that shawarma. Please when are you opening officially?

Yemi Oluwadare, CEO & Founder

Yemi Oluwadare

Ceo & Founder

The grilled fish and yam balls were really really yummy. Omo, I can't express the experience in words. Me and my friends had so much fun. Thank you.


Art gallery manager

Your native rice is simply the best native rice I've ever had. I really enjoyed it. I've never had anything like that before. And the suya was lovely too.



We enjoyed breaking our fast with your food. The noodles were very nice and I liked the shawarma and the rice and chicken. My 3 friends liked the Arabian rice.

Zain Hussein


Food ppl love

Abuja people enjoyed our food

Let them tell you their stories.

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